Sketches, Italy

Ponte Vecchio Florence

Ponte Vecchio Florence

Montalcino Tuscany

Montalcino Tuscany








I found these 2 sketches while sorting out watercolours for my exhibition.

Let it be a spontaneous response to what I see. That’s what a sketch is.

Just an impression of what you see in that moment.

Actually we had such a great time doing our sketches that day. There was Glenys, and Niki and myself in Florence as part of an art tour. Great views to paint here is a bit like having too much Christmas cake. How much more can you fit in! Anyway we found this superb restaurant called  The Golden View, which is a very upmarket venue serving absolutely gorgeous food and wine. The staff were so pleased we wanted to sketch from there, and gave us a window seat where we sketched and laughed , drank and nibbled. I think we were the afternoon’s entertainment for the other  diners.  We had such a good time, we returned later that evening to enjoy the lights over the River Arno. We felt like we’d found the perfect spot for everything we adore doing together.

The town of Montalcino was excellent for artists too. It offered architecture, alleyways, markets, vistas over Tuscany, and fabulous moments with locals. This day we were feeling a sketching mood coming on so found a window table overlooking the valley, in a lovely local cafe. I was using a soft rubber tipped pen Niki had given me, with a fine and fat end, plus you could add water and make a painting with the original line drawing. I’m enjoying  my sketches.

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