Sketches from my wanderings

Manly Beach Summer

Manly Beach Summer

Manly Pavilion

Manly Pavilion

We often take Amelie, and head off to Manly on a Sunday, to get the newspaper and enjoy a coffee in the sun.

The Manly Pavilion is where we walk around as one descends the steps towards the harbour, past the penguin hideout, along the old wharf and around to the broadwalk to Manly wharf. For years this building occupying an amazing position on the water, was a restaurant within this 1930’s style pavilion, one of 3 in Sydney.

We then wander down the Corso with the hundreds of tourists brought in by my Manly ferry. The beach at the other end ( there is a beach at each end of the Corso ) is the popular one for surfers any time of year. It is a great sketching subject with all the bodies laid out in a collection of poses. There are about 40 cafes in Manly which we can choose to go to.

Just so nice to wander about, with nothing particular to do.



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