Kombi Van Rally.


Two Kombi Vans

Two Kombi Vans

Two-toned Kombis

Two-toned Kombis

Kombis with 'pop-ups'

Kombis with 'pop-ups'


Sketch Club was coming all the way to my patch – for the Kombi Rally and Surfing Carnival – at Manly this weekend. I usually like to be in the Studio on Saturdays, but this was too tempting. Not that I was sure drawing vehicles was really my bag, but the team would be, so I really had to.

The crowds felt a bit like the Sculpture weekend ones, people absolutely everywhere., and hot. Luckily our organiser is good at finding everyone, because I’d started drawing the first 2 Kombis just to get going. I found the others and moved along the line of these prized vehicles. I must find out how many there were. I’d say about 50 – 60?

But what I didn’t know was how much the owners love these square boxes on wheels. Some of the fittings are mind-boggling, and the love and care that goes into them is something else. One chap said he owns 13 of them. Wonder if he’s in a relationship!!

I actually began to like the funny pushed-in faces on these creatures.  Reminded me of my dog. When I began, I had to observe everything. But as I moved on I began to get the style of the different models, where the badge was placed, where the ventilation grill was, where the colour stopped and started etc. I’m quite knowledgable now!!

Lunch was upstairs at an excellent ‘Burger Me’ cafe. I don’t think anyone knows the upstairs is there, as we had the whole length of the window to eat and draw. Right over the road was the beach with it’s huge Norfolk pines, which we all did our version of.

It was time to watch the tandem surfing!! Can you believe, one gets up on the shoulders of the other and they surf towards the shore. Well I saw it myself.  I did get some pics and even a drawing, so will show that soon.

What a fascinating day. Really loved it and I learned a great deal about a lot of things.

Milton and our flat nosed dog met us in the afternoon, and we wandered along near the ferry wharf. The others did some lovely sketches ( I see on the Meetup website ) and we drifted towards home, but squeezed another beach sketch in before the late afternoon turned gold.



  1. Liz

    Hi Erin – nice to see that you have joined the Meet up group – I didn’t make it to this event but hope to meet you in another one. I know your work … where you upstairs in Bridgepoint Mosman a number of years ago (I wasn’t painting back when I worked in mosman 6 years ago)


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