Sketching Wk 3 Term 2. Manly People

We began our warmup sketches in the Studio with our regular this week using a bamboo pen and coloured ink. We had the yoga mat, boogie board, takeaway coffee cup, mobile phone, baseball and sun hats. All the sorts of things Manly people would be doing as they hurry about their daily business. For new sketchers, we stuck with the black pen. and w’colour pencils. The others added loose watercolour to top off the quick impressions and everybody was delighted with the characters popping off the pages.  We just want the movement of people and we certainly did.

On location we sensibly reverted to our black pens with a dash of watercolour or w’c pencil and sketched everything and everybody that passed us during our sketch time. At InSitu Cafe this week some of the staff became our models. Thanks Mandeep and Bahman. The students were delighted.

Some of the newer sketches told me how nervous they’d been when they discovered this week’s subject, but were thrilled to find that people are just shapes too.


Tuesday. Sketches, people Tuesday. Manly people sketches Tuesday.In Situ sketches


Wednesday. Manly people Wednesday. People sketches Wednesday. People sketching Wednesday. Manly people sketches


Thursday. Studio people sketches Thursday. Manly people sketches

FRIDAY 15 ’15

Friday. Studio sketches Friday. Manly People sketches Friday. InSitu people 47


Saturday. Studio people sketches Saturday. Manly people sketches©ErinHillStudioJudySallehChristyPowell’15

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