Sketch&Wine. October 20 ’15. The Illustrated Recipe

This is the time of year we begin to think about favourite family recipes.

The ones we all know from Aunty Maud or Grandma Higginbottom. The same dishes and foods we look forward to at every year at Christmas. No new fangled menu suggestions from the latest Cuisine mag would ever be acceptable.

No no no. That lemon sauce with that special Christmas pudding,or any dish which your family has treasured since forever. This was our chance to put them down in an illustrated form and perhaps even make a book as a collection, and tiny cards to go with the finished item. So many ideas. So much sharing. So much fun and laughter. It must have been Sketch&Wine again!! A winner every month.

Next S&W is on November 25 ’15. ‘Card Making for all Occasions’. Waiting list only.


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