Where in the world do you want to Travel Sketch in 2019?


Dear Sketchers,

It’s that time of year when Kate and Erin have their atlases and calendars out – dreaming up incredible sketching adventures to share with you around the world in 2019. Yep, we like to think ahead!

But before we launch anything, we thought it’d be pretty clever of us to actually ask YOU what you want to do in 2019. We’ve got some suggestions but we also want to know where you want to go travel sketching.

So we need your help. We would love to borrow just a little bit of your time (5mins!) to get some thoughts and feedback from you – our sketchers – on where you see yourself travel sketching to in 2019.

> Take our short survey on 2019 Tours !

Thank you to all our past and future sketchers,
from Erin (Founder)
& Kate
(Travel Director)