Welcome to ErinHill Sketching ….Yes You CAN Sketch……..

ErinHill Sketching began in our Manly Studio, and has now become an international school. You can join an EHS School in Sydney ( 3 locations)  Blue Mountains,  Melbourne, Auckland NZ ( 2 Studios ) and South of France. We are looking at other countries globally and will update these as we open.

We teach ‘foundation’ classes at ErinHill Sketching. Can’t draw a straight line? Not even a stick figure? Your auntie has talent but you don’t ? You are perfect for our classes. Every one of of students said the above or similar.  Now they are sketching happily.

We show you how to see your subject and get it onto paper. That’s the first step many people have never been shown. We show you how to use simple colour. Just a dash of aquarelle pencil, or perhaps we’ll use our tiny set of watercolours. So rather than your traditional art classes in drawing, illustrating, or painting classes, where it’s assumed you know ‘something’ we teach a simple and quick way to get your sketch or impression. The simpler the better. There’s no right or wrong. Its about you and the image you capture.

Erin Hill Travel Sketching is about getting in touch with your creative side, rather than your analytical side. When we impose a time limit you don’t get to overdo your sketch, rather you get straight to the essence, without ‘thinking’ about it. The pen takes over, not the brain. This is a magic moment. You have become free. You’ve let go. Too much of today’s life is about reasoning and logic. We help our pupils get in touch with their creative side. That is why so many of our students say they see the world differently and now are confident in other aspects of their lives. This underlines EVERYTHING we teach. Some people call this Mindfulness. We call it Travel Sketching.

 We work through a program each week so that you always learn something new. For our regular students who return term after term, every class is different from any they’ve done before. Again, they will be learning a new trick or technique with a few surprises thrown in.
You’ll learn how to sketch at home or on the run when travelling. You’ll learn to apply colour in a very simple way. We are guiding you to let go, loosen up and feel free.

Travel Sketching means we sketch rain or shine. Bring a big umbrella if it looks like rain, and a sun hat if you feel the heat. A reasonable level of fitness is a good idea.

All enquiries and bookings see our bookings page or email erin@erinhill.com.au 


Gift Vouchers.

If you’d like a Gift Voucher for someone who adores sketching, (or the idea of it) Here are some price guides.

Sketch&Wine Night sin $25. Sketch Workshop $150. Private Lesson $225. 10week Sketch Classes $385. Complete Sketch Kit $150. Sketch Holiday – check our Sketch Holidays here and decide which one goes on the voucher.

Email erin@erinhill.com.au  with your request and pickup time or mailing address.