Welcome to ErinHill Sketching ….Yes You CAN Sketch……..

ERIN HILL is an International Sketch tutor who has developed a way of teaching you ‘to see’. To put down an impression as you see it in the moment. Perfect? never.

EHS ART SCHOOLS are in Sydney, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and South of France.
EHS SKETCH HOLIDAYS are designed for those who are passionate about travel and sketching. We take you to magical parts of Europe and Greek Isles, USA and South Pacific.

People who’ve felt they had no creative ability, or who feel their work needs to be more free.
People who live alone.
People who have retired and want to do something for themselves.
Young professionals who spend all day in an office.
Mothers who want to be creative while kids are in school.
Not only will you be sketching with an hour, but enjoying every minute of putting down your impression, and the new friends you’ll bond with.
You’ll find it so much fun and you’ll hear much laughter as we sketch.

We teach ‘foundation’ classes and workshops at ErinHill Sketching.
Can’t draw a straight line? Not even a stick figure? Your auntie has talent but you don’t ? You are perfect for our classes. 10 weeks. Step by step.
Interstate? Try our popular New Sketcher Workshops – every 2nd month.
Every one of of students said the above or similar.  Now they are sketching happily.We work through a program and you’ll always learn something new at each week.

For our regular students who return term after term, every class is different from any they’ve done before.
Again, they will be learning a new trick or technique with a few surprises thrown in.
You’ll learn how to sketch at home or on the run when travelling.
You’ll learn to apply colour in a very simple way.
We are guiding you to let go, loosen up and feel free.

Travel Sketching means we sketch rain or shine.
Bring a big umbrella if it looks like rain, and a sun hat if you feel the heat.
A reasonable level of fitness is important, but bring a fold up stool if you like.

All enquiries and bookings see our bookings page or email erin@erinhill.com.au