EHS Sydney is based in Manly, The Rocks Sydney, Mona Vale. Toni Konijn, Kathy Wesson, Anna Barnes, Erin Hill

EHS Auckland New Zealand is based in Devonport and Ponsonby, Auckland. Tony McNeight, Peter Burt

EHS Blue Mountains is based in Wentworth Falls. Anna Barnes

EHS Melbourne is based in downtown Melbourne. Jeanette Jones, Kate Stedman

EHS South of France – Quarante, Languedoc, France. Annette Morris, Erin Hill

Erin Hill is the founder and creator of EHS Art Schools and Sketch Holidays. With over 40 years in the creative industry, Erin brings together her art experience into a simple learning plan which enables absolutely anybody to learn to sketch an impression of what they see.

Our passionate team of tutors  bring together students who may have never before felt creatively fulfilled, and show them the possibilities in a supportive environment. Enjoying the results and sharing them over coffee with like minded people has given wings to many.

About Erin Hill


Founder ErinHill Sketching Art Schools & Holidays.  International Travel Sketch Tutor. Exhibiting Artist.

Sketch tutoring is my passion.

I’ve sketched all my life. From my background as Art Director in major Ad Agencies, graphic design, fine art and illustration, I’ve pared down the essentials to create the ErinHill Travel Sketching System which we use in all our Schools.

Of course I always painted, drawn and illustrated as well. But sketching is where I’ve come back to. When ErinHill Studio opened in 2011, we began with a small class  of people keen to learn to sketch. Many of those students continued every term and as classes grew, have become tutors with the school. As more students discover us, we train new tutors to share our particular brand of travel sketching.

Students need a clear and positive way of learning and the foundation skills of ErinHill Travel Sketching do just that. In a short time people are sketching something around them and feeling delighted. Hardly believing that they’re sketching in their first lesson.

We have a lively group of people from all walks of life who can’t wait to get to their class each week, all bonded by their love of sketching and travelling. We are further connected with our website and Facebook sites showing and sharing the progress every class makes every week.



Producer of Cherish Books. Photographer. Artist & Painter. Traveller and Sketcher. EHSTravel Sketch Tutor

Sketching touches me in a way that nothing else does. Sketching forces me to stop and look at the world around me. To focus and to breathe. To get out of my head and into my body. To observe in more detail the world around me.

In a previous life I worked in the rough and tumble world of marketing and advertising…Falling in love with sketching is the best antidote ever for a busy life. Sketching came to me after years of exploring textiles, sculpture, painting, and photography. There is something about the simplicity of travel sketching that caught my attention. When I sketch the world seems to stop and I find my calm. Playing with line and colour makes me happy. I don’t sketch for anyone but me, I’m in the flow, simply recording impressions. For me, the act of creating a sketch is a form of meditation. I’ve also noticed how my sketching skills translate into other areas of my life. I think more creatively, problem solve in new ways and see situations from new perspectives.

Tutoring at EHS and facilitating the travel sketching process is so much fun! I love seeing students learning to see the world around them in new ways, learning to translate their everyday observations into sketches that come to reflect their own unique style. My tutoring style is student-centred. I aim to guide students to express their own creativity, sketching in an environment where students feel supported and confidence soars. No judgement, no scores, art for art sake.

I look forward to sharing a travel sketching class with you.



Traveller, Adventurer, Watercolorist, Mixed Media, EHS Travel Sketch Tutor

I’m South African by birth, and in my twenties I headed solo to Europe, determined not to be seen as a ‘tourist’ but rather as an observer. So, no camera, only a sketchbook. I eventually succumbed to a fast shutter, because I missed too many buses, (and I hadn’t yet learned the quick impression Erin Hill Travel Sketching method obviously) but that first sketch book remains one of my most prized possessions, capturing so many “firsts” First time on a plane, the view from my hotel room in Luxembourg, the ferry terminal at Ostende, the top of Cologne Cathedral, my first view of the Dover Cliffs, to name a few.

I’ve lived in various cities overseas and travelled widely since then, on my own and later with my family in tow, and attempted all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs to survive, I’ve cleaned cars in Adelaide and scrubbed commercial size cooking pots in Israel and even resorted to selling Timeshare, (scuse the pun)
However, I’ve always been happiest, when I’ve been able to combine creativity with earning a living. Memorable times were costume designing at Stagedoor Manor in New York, and working as a Heraldry Artist in London. No matter what my day job was, I’ve continued painting, drawing and doing calligraphy, caricatures and posters as a freelancer.
As a tutor I had not anticipated the quiet joy I would feel, seeing others discover their artistic flair or awaken a long dormant creative passion. This is the happy by-product of being a tutor at Erin Hill Studio. Nor did I realise how social sketching could be, as I now realise there’s a whole alternative universe of passionate sketchers out there. I love the support and inspiration that being part of such a community brings. Henry Miller said “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” and seeing Manly through the eyes of a group of happy sketchers is time well spent.

Director EHS Holiday Travel. Photographer. Historian.  Traveller & Sketcher, EHS Travel Sketching Tutor

My background is Fine Arts and History and I just adore both of these along with Literature and Languages.  So I rolled these all up in a ball and created French Fusion Travel where I could indulge all these passions.  As part of my business I speak French and have been running tours to France for the last 15 years. I organise Travel Sketching tours with Erin to different parts of the globe and assist her in tutoring while on tour. I love teaching and entertaining and helping each student reach their inner potential through sketching.

It is a constant marvel how enjoyable it is for everyone participating. If you couple that with learning to and improving your sketching whilst on holiday in a paradise – what more could you want?



Traveller, Painter, Travel Sketcher, EHS Travel Sketch Tutor

Jeanette has enjoyed drawing and painting in different mediums over the years and has exhibited & successfully sold her artworks.
She attends Creative and Art workshops regularly in pursuit of advancing her skills and techniques. After spending 28 years with Qantas Jeanette rewarded herself with a ‘Sketch around Manly’ holiday with Erin,  thereby beginning the journey towards becoming an EHS Travel Sketching tutor.
She has now opened EHS Melbourne
 Her tutor training with Erin has included time in Sydney & recently The Greek Islands.
She is very excited to begin tutoring students in the Erin Hill System in Melbourne.



Graphic & Corporate Designer, Book Illustrator, EHS NZ Travel Sketch Tutor

As a kid I grew up in Devonport discovering every grassy knoll every lane way and secret places. When I left school I went into the world of advertising, in between travelling the world on an adventure of creative discovery. I’ve worked alongside some of the best people in the industry and been award accordingly.

I’m now on a mission to follow my love of Travel Sketching. Whenever travelling I always take my small sketch book and kit and sketch an impression of the ‘moment’ quickly on paper. This is a hugely satisfying way to engage with your subject as well as capturing something creatively personal.

So often at a young age people have been told they ‘cant draw’ or, ‘are not good enough’. They have believed this all their lives (which is totally untrue.) For these folk our Travel Sketch classes will produce amazing personal results.

A kiwi colleague (another person who grew up in Devonport) Erin Hill began a highly successful Sketch School in Sydney some years ago. Erin has travelled extensively. Sketches and takes Travel Sketch Holidays to the Greek Islands, Italy, France Fiji and the US. Something I would like to offer once we are established here.

Erin and I have opened ErinHill Sketching NZ, with classes at the Kerr Street Art centre at the bottom of Mt Vic from early Feb 2016. I am the director and head tutor. Its an exciting venture for me as it follows my passion for sketching  and teaching – the Erin Hill way –

Having just bought a house back in Devonport this is the perfect way to immerse myself back into a community that has always had a special place in my heart.


SKETCH TUTOR Manly & Blue Mts Director: ANNA BARNES

B.A. Fine Arts & Social Anthropology ( South East Asia Studies)  Masters Design Science, 25yrs Chef, Specialty Cuisines, Cultural Menus, EHS Travel Sketch Tutor Blue Mts

I am the director of ErinHill Sketching Blue Mountains.

Weekly Sketch classes, Sketch&Bake One Day Classes, SketchYourCake Mornings and Vietnam Sketch&Lunch.

I’ve always been fascinated with travel, particularly with South East Asia, and one of my favourite countries, Vietnam.  Having lived there for a time, I’m very familiar with many  of the towns and villages, the customs, the culture, language and history. When taking guests to these authentic and non touristy areas I like to introduce them to the families and locals who have become friends over the years. We invite you to join us on our Vietnam Sketch Holiday in December 2107. Email to book.

I’m also a Travel Sketcher. I spend time capturing the scenes around me and people going about their day. This is where taking students on our EHS Travel Sketch Holidays comes into its own. We will take you to sketching locations most visitors would never discover. We’ll shop, taste, and dine and laugh and sketch.

I’m passionate about life in the NSW Blue Mountains. I adore the mountains, valleys, fauna and flora, the colour and the marvellous local cuisine. I also tutor  with ErinHill Sketching in the Manly Studio as well as my  weekly classes in our Wentworth Falls location. I look forward to sharing my sketching adventures with you.


EHS Manager South of France: ANNETTE MORRIS

Web & Graphic Designer, Exhibiting Artist, EHS Travel Sketch Tutor

Originally from England, Annette has been living in the south of France since 2008.  An experienced web designer and marketing consultant, Annette has always had a love of colour and creativity. Annette fell in love with EHS travel sketching after spending time with Erin on the banks of the beautiful Canal du Midi.

Passionate about the French culture and countryside, Annette’s classes will take you to some lesser known towns and villages of Languedoc.   You will visit unusual locations full of history and character; plus discovering local foods and wines will be high on the menu too.

Events with Annette will include sketch stops in characterful cafes, castles and wineries, plus the chance to enjoy plenty of laughs and some fabulous French cuisine along the way!