Travel Sketch Classes. Inner Melbourne


EHS Travel Sketching with Jeanette Jones

Jeanette Jones heads up ErinHill Sketching Melbourne. Jeanette combines her many years of experience in business management, and Counselling with Travel Sketching and tutoring, and brings the unique Erin Hill system to Melbourne.

Melbourne update: October 19 ’17
A very enthusiastic small group of New Sketchers arrived early to class and some had done lots of sketching to practice their newly learned skills.
A humid afternoon in Melbourne with rain so we were well protected at Pricilla Jones Cafe under the canopy in the garden area.
A warm up practising elipses and then lots of sketching of Lemons, limes and oranges.
Leaving the whites, layering of colour and emphasing the fruit behind.
We headed off out and about and sketched trees in the local park.
Measuring our page and our tree and with great results some fabulous looking trees with layered colour.
Happy Sketching till next week.
Jeanette X

Term 4  – 12th Oct- 14 th Dec
Wednesdays 12 – 3 pm Gasworks Arts Park Albert Park
Thursdays 12 – 3pm Gasworks Arts Park Albert Park
Thursdays 6-8 pm Le Petit Lapin Cafe Elsternwick.
If you require any more information or a Booking form please email me
Happy Sketching till next time
Jeanette 🖌

Private Lessons available  for any of our travellers visiting Melbourne .

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Can’t draw a straight line? Not even a stick figure? Been told you have no talent? You are perfect for our classes.
All of our students had said similar, and now they are sketching happily. We have a unique way of teaching  you how to Travel Sketch.

These are not your traditional drawing, illustration or painting classes.
Rather a  sketch is that simple impression, as you see it in the moment, no matter how wibbly wobbly!
No right or wrong.
We have a way of leading you step by step through a program which will have you sketching in your first lesson.
We also get you to work quickly.
Time is always limited when you travel so we teach you to sketch in however little time you have.
No previous experience needed. Lots of laughs and lots of fun.

The foundation classes at ErinHill Sketching are teaching you to Travel Sketching.
We have classes for New Sketchers and Regular Sketchers.
If you haven’t sketched with us before, you join a 10 week New Sketcher course, and the following term join the Regular sketch Classes.

The classes are not always Studio based. We do go on location and give you experience of sketching on the go.

We work through a program over the term to give you the core skills needed.
You’ll also learn to apply colour in a very simple way.
Rather than teaching you to paint, we show you how to apply loose colour to a confident sketch.
Anybody can learn to sketch with ErinHill Sketching.
Leave your fears at the door.
We will show you step by step how to go about it.
Before long you will seeing the world in a new way.

Bookings:  Jeanette Jones