Toni Konijn

Sketching touches me in a way that nothing else does. Sketching forces me to stop and look at the world around me. To focus and to breathe. To get out of my head and into my body. To observe in more detail the world around me.

Photographer. Artist & Painter. Traveller and Sketcher. Producer of Cherish Books. Senior tutor in Manly.

In a previous life I worked in the rough and tumble world of marketing and advertising…Falling in love with sketching is the best antidote ever for a busy life. Sketching came to me after years of exploring textiles, sculpture, painting, and photography. There is something about the simplicity of travel sketching that caught my attention. When I sketch the world seems to stop and I find my calm. Playing with line and colour makes me happy. I don’t sketch for anyone but me, I’m in the flow, simply recording impressions. For me, the act of creating a sketch is a form of meditation. I’ve also noticed how my sketching skills translate into other areas of my life. I think more creatively, problem solve in new ways and see situations from new perspectives.

Tutoring at EHS and facilitating the travel sketching process is so much fun! I love seeing students learning to see the world around them in new ways, learning to translate their everyday observations into sketches that come to reflect their own unique style. My tutoring style is student-centred. I aim to guide students to express their own creativity, sketching in an environment where students feel supported and confidence soars. No judgement, no scores, art for art sake.

I look forward to sharing a travel sketching class with you.